Stitching has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve been told that my heritage includes seamstresses for Queen Victoria (don’t know if it is true, but will go with it!). I finished my first crewel work when I was about 10 and gave it to my grandmother as a gift. From there I started doing embroidery, cross stitch and needlepoint.

Needlepoint is not only a hobby for me. It has been a steadfast companion through some of the hardest times in my life. I needlepointed while I was in labor with my son Jim, needlepointed while I kept my mom company during her chemo treatments, needlepointed through the many worrisome nights when the boys were out late, and needlepointed through the months that John was in Afghanistan. I’ve needlepointed while keeping family members company in the hospital, for births, gall bladders, broken bones and for those last treasured days with those I have loved.

I love the rhythm of the movement of the needle and the placement of the stitches. I love the calm that sweeps over me as each stitch is laid next to each other. Each group of stitches holds a prayer or a devotion or a problem. Praying through the stitch making has provided solace at my darkest moments and calm during the most anxious times.

The canvas is forgiving and stitches are easily pulled out and redone. Mistakes are easily remedied and forgiven.

Each piece that is finished tells a piece of my story, my life. Thousands of prayers have been prayed during these projects some answered, some not but all with the knowledge that He is beside me, every stitch of the way.