Summer, in the church calendar, falls within the season known as Ordinary Time. Ordinary Time begins on the Sunday of Pentecost, which usually falls around Memorial Day. It’s a season during which no major feasts or festivals are observed. While we continue to read our way through the bible, with the help of the Lectionary, we are not waiting for Jesus to be born, walking with him to Calvary, or even witnessing his Transfiguration. Things are, for lack of a better word, quite ordinary. The rhythm of summer often seems to mirror the rhythm of Ordinary Time. We spend our days without our usual schedules, without any major holidays, galas, board meetings and fewer obligations. I usually look forward to the slower pace of summer, the time to breathe, the lack of regular commitments.

However, this rhythm of reduced commitments, increased travel, more family time – often translates, at least at RCB, to a significant drop off in worship attendance. Now, of course, I’m paid to be here every Sunday so I’m hardly one to talk, but what if – during this Ordinary Time – we thought about what we want to prioritize in our lives. What if worship and intentional time with our community of faith remained a priority in all times of our lives? What if – during Ordinary Time more than ever – we focused on how to connect, showed up when we could, and prioritized spending time with our church community in worship. What if Ordinary Time invites us to be intentional about how we spend our time, so that when the hustle and bustle of the school year, the fall, the not “Ordinary Time” returns, we can lean on the rhythms and priorities and faith that we have nurtured and established.

I invite you, during our remaining summer Sundays, to consider how you can prioritize your faith, communal worship, and lean in now before our time isn’t so Ordinary anymore.