Church School

Church School is available for children from age four through 7th grade most Sunday mornings throughout the program year, September through May, at 10:30 AM.

For the start of the 2021-22 year, we’re using a “one-room schoolhouse” model. All students begin the day in worship in the Sanctuary. Then, after the Chancel Talk, 4-year-olds through 5th-graders will gather together in the Edwards Room, and 6th- and 7th-graders will meet in the Copenhaver Room.

Every first Sunday of the month, all children stay in worship for a full hour.

Click here to read Covid-19 guidelines for Church School and all church programs

To register for any class, click on the link below. New children and visitors are welcome any time throughout the year.

For more information, contact ChristianVerwys, Director of Children and Youth Ministry

For Fourth-Graders: About Baptism and Communion (“ABC”) Classes 

Held every spring, this class invites fourth graders to explore in an engaging, hands-on way the meaning of our two sacraments: baptism and communion. This memorable rite of passage is taught by clergy and enriches the children’s connection to the church. The program culminates in a special breakfast, and participation in communion.


Donald B. Whittemore Children’s Library

The Children’s Library was dedicated in 1986 in honor of Donald B. Whittemore, an elder and member of the Consistory. Ranging in interest from nursery school through the sixth grade, the collection contains books on religious themes, picture books and poetry for family sharing, fiction, science and biography for older readers. Books may be signed out and borrowed for two weeks.


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Youth Groups

Our Middle School Youth Group (“MSYG”) and High School Youth Group (“HSYG”) are made up of young people from diverse schools and backgrounds. While most are members of the church, any youth may attend, and all are encouraged to bring friends.

Students gather to worship, play, eat, share stories of themselves and of their faith, and find ways to serve their community and the world. All meetings are supervised by adults trained in our Safe Church Policy.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, youth groups will meet with certain restrictions. 

Please use the button below to register.

For more information, contact Student Pastor Christian Verwys.

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The confirmation year provides an experiential eight-month period of classes, mentoring, mission, field trips, and fun—all in the service of discovering Christian faith lived out.

Students lead Sunday worship, take trips, and explore the central question of faith and practice: What does it mean to follow Jesus? At the end of the year, students write faith statements and have the opportunity to join the church as full members.

Students of all backgrounds are welcome to join this ministry that changes lives through service, spirituality, critical thinking, and community. 

Please use the button below to register.

For more information, contact Student Pastor Christian Verwys.

Adult Education

The Reformed Church of Bronxville offers a wide variety of Adult Education opportunities each week, with many added during different parts of the church year. Below is a sampling of recurring groups.  

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many groups will be held via Zoom meeting. For information, consult the website calendar or contact Pastor Sam.

Sunday Morning Adult Education

Meets Sunday mornings from 9:25 AM -10:15 AM during Advent and Lent. Guest speakers deliver presentations on church history, theology, spiritual practice, self-care, and more.

Wednesday Women’s Bibles, Books and Faith Conversations

Meets most Wednesdays, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM via Zoom. Gather with other women to discuss scripture, spiritually themed books, and our personal faith journeys. Facilitated by Judi McCandless:

Friday Morning Lectio Divina Bible Study

An in-depth “divine reading” of the weekly sermon Scriptures (during the program year) facilitated by Pastor Sam and occasional guest leaders. Meets in the Copenhaver Room and via Zoom from 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM. No reservations necessary. Contact Pastor Sam for the Zoom link. 

The Memorial Library

Available for browsing whenever the church is open, Memorial Library is a comfortably furnished space that includes books on faith, theology and theologians, history, art, classics and poetry, as well as works by writers who live in Bronxville. Books may be signed and out and borrowed for two weeks.