Church Governance

The church is run by a Consistory made up of the ministers along with 24 elders and deacons.

Elders and deacons serve four-year terms. While the church strives to have an equal number of elders and deacons—ideally 12 each—sometimes a greater number of either office is needed.

Each elder and deacon serves on (at least) one of eight councils that together oversee all areas of the church: Management, Stewardship, Worship, Education, Fellowship, Congregational Care, Mission, and Youth & Family. You can read more about them and our church governance generally in our Standing Rules.

Consistory officers for 2022-2022 are:

ELDERS: Rich Dawson, Beth Fulton, Tony Lemberger, Gary Reetz, Yvonne Schonborg, Doug Sesler, Paul Shoemaker (Chair), John Torell, Sarah Underhill

DEACONS: Lela Agnew, Laura Busker, Ashley Ching, Susan Frehse, Dave Harris, Jessica Hogue, Aaron Hood (Chair), Cara Kernan, Jennifer Lescott, Mark Liggitt, Shea Scanlon Lomma, Sophia Okeke, Kenia Padilla, Arleen Thomas

OFFICERS: The Reverend Dr. Matthew Waterstone, President; Paul Shoemaker, Vice President; Arleen Thomas, Treasurer; Yvonne Schonborg, Clerk of Consistory.