Church Council & Committees

All church program areas fall under the auspices of eight church councils, which work together with the church staff. An elder or a deacon chairs each council. Any church member may serve on any council (except for the Management Council, for which members are appointed) , but must be nominated by the council chair and the senior minister. Council membership changes annually, allowing more church community members to participate in church council and other council activities.

Below are the councils with contact information for each chair.

Management Council:

Oversees administrative functions including personnel; maintenance of buildings and grounds; endowments; investments; audits; legal advice; and managing of church archives. Also coordinates the development and implementation of strategic plans and visioning.

Worship Council:

Provides advice and assistance for all areas of worship and arts, including worship services, choirs, concerts, communion planning, sanctuary supplies, ushers, weddings, memorial services.

Stewardship Council:

Works with staff to create and implement the annual stewardship campaign, and oversees volunteer stewards who reach out to the congregation.

Education Council:

Helps design programs to encourage faith development; to help people learn to live together and for others in response to God’s love in Christ, and to plan learning opportunities related to the work of the Council. This includes oversight of the Church School, the confirmation process, adult education, and libraries.

Fellowship Council:

Creates an understanding, caring, supportive fellowship where people share their needs, discover and use their talents, and are enabled to feel a part of a growing Christian community. Includes member engagement and organizing intergenerational social events.

Congregational Care Council:

Develops programs that provide care, concern, prayer, and support for families and individuals at various stages, places, and circumstances of life.

Mission Council:

Directs and oversees all outreach ministries locally, nationally and internationally (tutoring programs, Clothing Closet sales; social justice ministries, etc.). Also makes annual recommendations regarding grants and oversees ecumenical partnerships.

Youth & Family Council:

Provides effective programs of instruction, nurture, fellowship, growth, and outreach for the Middle School and High School youth of the church and the community. Includes youth group meetings, mission trips, retreats, etc.