Stewardship 2018

Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” – Ecclesiastes 11:1

This 2,500-year old proverb, traditionally attributed to Solomon, is both a statement of faith and a spiritual directive. It implies the onus is on us to take action—to cast the bread—and when we do, God will bless us in ways and at times we can’t foresee.

And you can take action—by participating in our 2018 stewardship campaign! Our theme this year is this verse from Ecclesiastes.

Our task is daunting: our goal this year is to raise $1.7 million of our $2.75 million annual budget. Last year, 332 of 575 member households, or 58%, committed to giving a total of $1.6 million. Because of the generosity and stewardship of previous generations, we enjoy the “bread” of a well-managed endowment that covers capital expenses. This means your entire gift goes to support worship, programs and outreach.

With gratitude for your past support, we ask you to consider increasing your gift in 2018. Each gift, regardless of size, is a personal covenant with God and is precious to our church, helping to cast our collective bread upon the waters. We are pleased to report that every member of our Consistory has already made a commitment to support our 2018 campaign. 

Bread can take many forms, of course—money, time, energy, creativity, knowledge—and giving it away can take courage and planning. In these times of great change in our world, giving our bread to the church—especially our monetary gifts—can provide an anchor of solace, service, community, Christian discipleship, ethical inquiry, education, and worship in Bronxville and well beyond. We need your support to make this anchor strong.

In the coming weeks, we encourage you to prayerfully consider what bread you will cast upon the waters, in trust that it will come back to you not only through direct benefit—what you and your family experience here—but through its nourishment of others who are seeking the bread of life: Jesus Christ. In this year of leadership transition, your gift has never been more important, both as an affirmation of the strong interim leadership provided by our clergy and staff and of the bright future of our church as we look forward to welcoming a new senior minister.

Maybe this is the year to step out further in faith, to cast a little more of your bread a little further. Thank you for all you’ve done, and what you will do to spread Christ’s love throughout our community and world.


With gratitude,

Sophia Primps                                   Jim Hoch                                             

Stewardship Co-Chair                     Stewardship Co-Chair    

To make a donation or commit to an annual gift, contact Teresa Flocco at For more information about stewardship, feel free to contact our Stewardship Co-Chairs, William Gay, David Harris and Phia Primps, through the church office.