Elders 2019-2020

(8 Elders, 4-Year Terms, or a shorter term filling a vacancy)        

Class of 2020
Bill Hertlein
Sophia Primps, Stewardship Co-Chair

Class of 2021
James Hoch, Treasurer & Stewardship Co-Chair

Class of 2022
Dan Johnson, Worship Council
Rosanne Welshimer, Vice President of Consistory & Chair, Board of Elders

Class of 2023
Mary Mackintosh
Gary Reetz, Worship Council Chair
Doug Sesler

Deacons 2019-2020

(16 Deacons, 4-Year Terms, or a shorter term filling a vacancy)

Class of 2020
Ellen Kreger
Nancy Little
Richard Pink
Tiffany Tinson, Chair Education Council

Class of 2021
Donald Bringle
Paul Muir
Laura Redican
Brian Buttigieg

Class of 2022
Joe French, Mission Council Chair
Fran Harris
Amy Parsons
Gretchen Pingel

Class of 2023
Pam DeJager
Mark Liggitt, Member of Management Council
Jenny Shively
[TBD to finish term to be filled]

Councils 2018-2019

(Two of our seven Councils are under supervision of the Board of Elders, and the remaining five are under supervision of the Board of Deacons. While the full Consistory meets the first Tuesday of every month, September through May, councils meet at the discretion of the chair. Church members may serve on any council after consulting with and being nominated by the council chair and the president of Consistory.)

Management Council
Fran Harris
James Hoch
Mark Lliggitt
Mary Mackintosh
Paul Muir
Doug Sesler
Matt Waterstone
Rosanne Welshimer

Investment Committee: Doug Meyer, Chair
Endowment Committee: Lisa Connors, Chair
Alan Zanzano, staff liaison

Oversees personnel, archives, buildings & grounds, endowments, investments, legal advisory, planned giving, and stewardship

Worship Council
Gary Reetz, Chair
Dan Johnson
Phia Primps
Matt Waterstone, Sam Clover, Lee Corbett, and Jenny Ribeiro, staff liaisons

Oversees arts and religion generally, Chancel Guild, communion, music, ushers, sanctuary flowers, Laity Sunday, sermon and worship recordings, memorials

Officers of Consistory
The Reverend Dr. Matthew Waterstone, president
Rosanne Welshimer, vice president and chair of Board of Elders
Jim Hoch, Treasurer
Paul Muir, chair of Deacons
Mary Mackintosh, clerk of Consistory and Elders
Dan Johnson, Nominating Committee Chair

As an installed minister, The Reverend Samuel T. Clover is a member of Consistory but does not serve as an officer.

Deacons Councils 2019-2020

(Five of our seven Councils are chaired and run by Deacons, and all Councils normally meet every other month, September through May, totaling five times per year. Church members may serve on any council after consulting with and being nominated by the council chair and the president of Consistory.)

Congregational Life Council
Ellen Kreger
Brian Buttigieg
Judi McCandless, staff liaison

Oversees communications, fellowship, hospitality, membership, and congregational life generally.

Congregational Care Council
Fran Harris, Chair
Gretchen Pingel
Sam Clover, staff liaison

Provides pastoral care and other care and support for persons challenged by various circumstances; also engages the congregation in management and provision of care

Education Council
Tiffany Tinson, Chair
Don Bringle
Laura Redican
Alexis Mastromarino and Margaret Murtagh, staff liaisons

Oversees adult education, Church School, confirmation class, Nursery School, children’s ministries, libraries, and Summer Story Hour

Mission Council
Joe French, Chair
Nancy Little
Dawn Ravella, staff liaison

Oversees outreach programs such as Coming Home prison ministry, Midnight/Breakfast Runs, Soup Kitchen, Yonkers Saturday Playgroups, Angel Tree,

Youth and Family Council
Amy Parsons, Chair
Richard Pink
Jonah Smith-Bartlett, staff liaison

Oversees middle school & high school events and youth outreach generally, and supports the confirmation class.